UE4 Assets workflow using SVN

UE4 Assets workflow using SVN.

Hey. I’ve recently stumbled upon such a problem of storing assets (texture sprites, animations, generally all of the graphical assets) in my project repo using SVN as the version control system. I want them stored inside of the repo for the purpose of version control. There arises an issue because of the UE4 duality of asset. Inside of the project they are stored as .uasset file, which references specific file that is the resource for each asset, for example .fbx for static meshes. Whenever someone modifies the .fbx or .uasset files, UE automatically detects that and promts that I can reimport the file to the project (I know this can be disabled, but I don’t want to, I want to automatically detect .fbx modification). So this causes a loop:

  1. Someone modifies .fbx file, gets reimport prompt, reimports asset, pushes changes to the SVN,
  2. Another person pulls changes, UE detects .uasset change and prompts reimport opportunity. The person reimports it and now has a binary different .uasset, which SVN detects as modified. Said person pushes modification to the repo.
  3. Person from step 1. pulls modifications, UE detects .uasset change, prompts reimport. Said person reimports and pushes modification. We now have a goto to step 2 and this goes on and on.

This loop could be prevented by disabling UE reimports of modified .uassets, limiting the engine to detect only the resource files changes. Does anyone know if it can be done? Or maybe there is any other workflow that provides me with advantages of version controlled assets without having to deal with this headache?