UE4 Asset window not opening. How come?

Okay, so it started when I was in my level and I deleted a folder with assets in it, when I did that it deleted the assets in the folder but not the folder its self. So I then deleted the empty folder and now when I try to open up a Texture, Asset, Blueprint, ect, it makes a window like this and never pulls it up when I click it.

Come to find out your are suppose to right click on the folder that’s empty and use something called a re-director. Well I didn’t use that and now this is happening when I try to open something up. Could it be a Firewall? Whats causing this? And how do I fix this?

Please help! Thanks.

It acts like the software has been damaged.

Resolved !

how did you resolve this?
I’m also in same situation. I can’t open asset window!

Please tell us how you resolved this!