[UE4 ASSET] Easy Doors, Locks and Keycards

Hi all,

Just thought I would stop by and inform those interested that my Easy Doors, Locks and Key cards asset pack is now available for public purchase.

The asset can be purchased via Sellfy. Support for the package can be found by visiting my website.



This blueprints package allows you to place:

  1. Hinged doors.
  2. Horizontal sliding doors.
  3. Vertical sliding doors.
  4. Locked doors of any type with working keys to assign to the locked doors.
  5. Automatic doors with delay to closing.
  6. [WIP]As well as doors that can be destroyed using a melee attack (animation for this not included).

Just drag and drop the assets into the world editor and assign a key card. Meshes can be swapped out easily to allow you to implement your own door meshes. Animations for the doors opening are also included. You can place as many door types as you require in the level and they all work independently.

Short Description:

A fully functioning and customizable set of doors and key card. These blueprints can be implemented to any project with very little or no effort. Which makes this a must for any user - new or experienced with the Unreal Engine.

Technical Details:

Number of Blueprints included: 3
Number of UMG’s included: 1
Tested Platforms: Windows Desktop


Quick and very easy setup
Video tutorial available
Drag and drop blueprint into the level, set the key card and that’s it
Animations for the door opening are included
Meshes can be replaced with your own