UE4 asks me to "dowload and install VS 2015" in order to open the existing project..

Hi to all!!
I’m a newbie…
The subject still takes place even I installed and re-installed the VS 2015… Don’t really know what to do… Why is it happening??

Nobody knows - really? Or am I asking not that clear?

So this has happened to me before.
I found 2 things wrong:

  1. I was installing the wrong version (i have no idea, its Microsoft)
  2. I wasn’t installing all the required parts. Default install is not the correct install. There is a thread on here someplace that tells you what parts you need.

Thank you!!
Mega appreciate your support!!
Will try to seach here…
PS: Why does the VS need for the UE4 compiled typical project??

Thank you!! But can you answer that question, though:
Why is the VS needed for the UE4 typical project??