UE4 artist to create 3 scenarios - Visualize your own environmental IMPACT - IMPACT VR | UNESCO

Visualize your own environmental IMPACT

IMPACT VR is a portal through which users can visualize their ecological footprint on the planet, based on demographic information entered, consumption data on plastic pollution, deforestation, and fossil fuels populates the users world. When presented with choices for changing their behaviors the impact of the users footprint on the environment diminishes, creating a picture of a more sustainable future.

The Preview/Sample of the IMPACT VR experience has to be created within the weeks to come for a dead line end of March. It will be presented at EarthX Largest annual forum for sharing the latest initiatives, discoveries, research, innovations, and corporate practices that are reshaping our world.

**Our intention is to create 3 scenarios in Unreal Engine with most of the 3D objects bought online. Three worlds out of 3D elements, simple semi-realistic unique environments. A PLASTIC ISLAND in the ocean, a piece of DEFORESTED LAND, and the interface THE MOON. See images attached.

If you are interested please contact me and I will explain further.



Program Overview

The Mosaic of Change (MOC) is a global initiative established by Millennium ART in partnership with UNESCO. MOC is a universal storytelling platform presenting a visual language through immersive design experiences that spur intercultural dialogue and understanding to inspire peace and foster change.

As part of the MOC initiative, Millennium ART and UNESCO have teamed up with the Norwegian Climate Network (Norsk Klimanettverk), the City of Oslo, and Creating Equilibrium to produce the official celebration for Oslo becoming the European Green Capital for 2019, in conjunction with the annual Climate Festival (Klimafestivalen §112) held in January.

On this special occasion in January 2019, we will be presenting a live architectural projection experience on the facade of the iconic Oslo Opera House, hosting an international climate symposium, producing a live world concert, and delivering an immersive VR experience: IMPACT VR. Leading up to this event, we are proposing to present the IMPACT VR Preview Experience at EARTHx in Dallas, TX in April 2018.