UE4 Archviz

hi everyone,
this is my first post here, i’m currently making a little archviz scene, i realy focused on lighting in order to achieve realistic results,i have added a trees models it need some tweaks :D.
so any C&C are welcome.

Hi dexterboi, looks like a great start!

Just letting you know that I deleted your other thread in GD containing the same images. Please don’t open more than one thread per topic.

Looks great with that soft lighting! My one piece of advice is to look into the mipmaps of the trees. In that second-to-last image, the leaves are very blurry. Choosing “Sharpen 5” or “No Mipmaps” (which is more expensive in game situations) inside the leaf texture may help keep the definition of your alpha map.

Little bit of bump and roughness values on the wood grain could make that texture pop a bit more.

The concrete textures look pretty nice. One suggestion is that usually when they are pouring concrete, the form lines meet up on corners. I think it would help realism if you tried to adjust the textures to blend, maybe adjust your UVs or texture offsets.

thanks you guys for your suggestions, actually i have changed a bit the scene and i’ll make another setup for lighting. i’ll keep you updated :smiley: