UE4 Archviz - Sponza Atrium Test

Hi all,
Here is my last test on UE4 :

Better in 1080p : UE4 Archviz test - Sponza Atrium - YouTube

Hope you like it.

PS: my first project UE4 : https://.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?32002-First-project-on-ue4-museum

  1. How!?
  2. How long?

Looks sick! Balloon idea was an awesome addition!

Great work zahir3d! This makes me want to dive into a huge ball pit like when I was younger. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see what future projects you decide to tackle!

I made this project on 3 days.

Sponza is normally used to showcase scenes of dynamic GI of any type. But since UE4 ditched SVOGI, this is weird to sue that scene without shwoing GI. But, seeing your work, this is by far the best representation of Sponza I have ever seen. Sadly it still lacks the coloured rugs. Then you can add this dynamic GI solution https://.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?44278-Realtime-Dynamic-GI-Reflections-AO-Emissive-plugin-AHR when it is finished to your scene and it will be the most perfect Sponza scene.

Sponza is more of a general dynamic lightning testarea. Not just GI

Great sense of realism without overdoing it with the textures. The lighting, shadows, reflections and refractions really bring the scene to life!