UE4 Archviz coordinator (Full Time - Based in Melbourne) 80K+

VASTview have an exciting new program of works that will really hone your project management and 3D Development skills. We have developed a sizeable commercial offering and had a significant impact on how business is undertaken through the use of Realtime 3D technologies.
Consequently, we have the need for a competent Unreal Engine (UE4) expert to coordinate high quality modeling, texturing, rendering, Level editing and Blueprint scripting tasks on each project.
You will draw upon your deep understanding of creating amazingly authentic assets.
We need a really well organized person who can manage a vast array of assets and can co-ordinate the utilization of these assets in UE4 levels.
You will need to be skilled in Material design, 3D Asset creation, level editing/designing and project management.

Essential Skills and Experience

  • A commercial AAA quality portfolio
  • Competency in high and low poly modelling
  • Competency in texturing, shading and lighting
  • Competency in UE4 level designing/editing
  • Complete knowledge of 3D modeling and texturing tools
  • High competency in Unreal Engine (UE4)
  • competency in Blueprint
  • High competency in project management and production line coordination/QA.

please contact for more information or to apply.
visa sponsership is available for highly skilled candidates.