UE4 architecture / (graphics-)programming tutor for artistic project

I’m currently putting together an artistic project, that I would like to realize with the unreal engine.
Roughly speaking, the project will attempt the visualization of an artificial intelligence, its structure and
decision making dynamics. I chose unreal over simpler alternatives like processing, because I want it to be
visually striking, with only minimal need to write out methods in a low level graphics API and because I want
to have as much freedom over the representation of geometry as possible (geometric algebra).
Having said this, I have very little/average knowledge of unreal/c++, my main being python, so I thought
maybe it would be possible to find a tutor whom I could ask for help and direction on a regular basis about issues
related to the structure of the engine and c++ programming therein. I would be willing to pay for say weekly one-hour
sessions or even email/skype/irc correspondence, like for a private language tutor. If you are interested, let me know about
your experience and at what rate you would prefer!