UE4 Architectural Visualization - San Francisco Loft

Hey everyone,

I’m a Visual Artist from Nairobi, Kenya and I’d like to present to you our first Architectural Visualization project using Unreal Engine 4.
We have been using traditional render engines such as Vray and Corona for quite some time now and wanted to try out a personal project using UE4. We’d love to hear your thoughts regarding it.
I’ll also attach a few screenshots later on if interested.
A personal thanks to the devs at Epic Games for making this incredible piece of technology available for all to use.


Hey, that looks very cool :wink:

PS: don’t hesitate to post a direct link to the video with the ‘Inser video’ tool in the advanced options of your message.

Hi Macoll.
Thanks for the tip! I somehow missed the ‘Insert Video’ option


Below are a few high resolution in-engine screenshots.

Below are a few high resolution in-engine screenshots:




That wall paint is stunning. Do you have any tip for nailing that stucco material? Clearly it’s a high res normal map, but do you use special mip settings or some cool technique to make it?

Thank you! The material was quite simple (screenshot below) no special settings.


This is really amazing, congratulations! Can you show your curtain settings? my curtains never look very good.

By the way, your modeling skills are great, I loved the objects on the scene!

very very interesting …
can you tell me how did you get your project this sharp and detailed?
when i try to get my project detailed i set “screen percentage” up to 200 or 400 but still doesn’t have half of your project’s quality.

Thank you. The curtain material was baked from Vray.
A simple Vray2Sided Material rendered as a VrayCompleteMap.

Thank you! I’m not too sure about that, my settings were pretty much standard don’t think I played around with the ‘screen percentage’ settings.
I’ll have a look at the project once more and get back to you on this.

Hey everyone.
Here’s a short cinematic I captured in UE for the project above.

Hi Jay!

pretty awesome work! would you mind if you elaborate on this? im trying to find an equivalent of vray2sidedmtl in UE4