UE4 arcade game license

We are a new game company planning to make arcade games with Unreal Engine.

We would like to know if we need to have any agreement for developing arcade coin-operation games.

We get confused about the license since from this post:


The staff said “If you make your own arcade games, you can do that under the EULA royalty free.” and someone quote the EULA
“However, no royalty is owed on the following forms of revenue: Revenue from interactive amusement park rides or coin-operated arcade games which use the Licensed Technology.”

However in the official page of the EULA, it doesn’t mention coin-operated arcade games. Does the policy changed already? Or do we need to acquire a custom license?

Thank you very much.

Thanks for pointing that out. Coin-op arcades used to be royalty free under the EULA, but aren’t anymore. That changed in EULA version 10.

You can get a custom license, but you are also welcome to develop under the EULA - it’s just not royalty free.

Thanks for the quick reply.
So if under the EULA, we need to paid the royalty fee when we sell the game to the distributor,
Does the distributor need to paid the royalty fee to Epic when they sell the arcade machines?

The royalty obligation attaches to a Product (as defined in the EULA) rather than the licensee’s revenue. So if someone else is getting end-user revenue from a Product, you would be better off having them become a licensee so you can avoid that obligation.

We tried to get a custom license through the web-site. But we only receive auto-generated email. Is it normal to wait for a few days?

Or our submission entry was routed to the wrong queue similar to this person?

Thank you very much.

Hi Simon,

Although we try our best to respond as quickly as possible, please allow a few days for our licensing staff to get back to you. Inquiries are routed to any one of our distributed Epic offices, and time zones can sometimes play a factor.

Additionally, if you have any questions or would like to provide additional information after having submitted the custom licensing form, please respond to the automated email.