UE4 API and Java information

Hello. I was having trouble figuring out how UE4’s API was working on top of the NDK. Are there some extra includes needed for some functionality? For example I can use FAndroidMisc or FAndroidTime just fine but FAndroidDeviceInfo says “error: use of undeclared identifier ‘FAndroidDeviceInfo’” when I package (no warning in VS though).

Also if I just want to do something like use the TelephonyManager to get the signal strength how would I go about finding out how the UE4 API works with the NDK and how that relates to the SDK? Searching the UE4 API reference doesn’t yield any results and the internet results are filled with non developer or java things.

I’m guessing you need to include the AndroidJNI.h and also get the java environment using FAndroidApplication to do anything that Epic hasn’t exposed yet.

From there I’m guessing you could do what they did and just declare your own ‘static jmethodID’ and use the FindMethod function from AndroidJNI.h but then I would also need to know the java class and the method signature which I’m not totally sure about for everything.

I’m guessing I could do all these things but flailing about for the information needed for each step would probably be pretty painful and something that had a list of the information or examples would be nice too. Maybe I’m just looking at this wrong?

Thanks for any thoughts!