UE4 Answerhub "Your License Has Expired" error

This morning I tried to reach the UE4 Answerhub and I got presented with this error. I tried reaching out through the sales team via email but I’m not in the access list. I’ve seen some people accessing the site just fine and some other reporting the same issue. I’d just like to know what’s causing this.


Despite using the site until yesterday, I get the same error today. Tried multiple browsers, clearing cookies, nothing helped. After that I tried on my iPad, it loaded without problem, and 2 minutes later… bumm… my license has expired. E-mail not deliverable. Hope it’s just some issue that will be solved soon.

Same issue, I think this isn’t this particular mail that we have to contact, this message is for the Epic Games team as they’re using a software for answerhub owned by another company they are licensed to use, so the best would be to contact epic themselves but i can’t find where their mail is


Yep. Also having the same issue. Be interesting to see how this is resolved. Pretty annoying…

Had the same problem this morning, suddenly started working again for me. Seem to have been an OAuth related problem. I also couldn’t access any Q&A pages, however opening some pages in another incognito window worked.

Same problem here since this morning !

Hi all, this one happens again at least for me now…


same here

Same same

Same on my side…

Same right now


Still can’t access

Same problem for me now

AnswerHub may actually be dead and never coming back.
For now maybe try web-cached-links or the web-archive

I’m having the same issue. I hope it’s not dead permanently because it’s been a helpful resource.

and I to have this problem

yea same here :cry:

me too,I cannot view the video of online learning, and the viewing help says that my license has expired

Im too getting this issue