UE4 Answerhub experiencing issues due to AWS [RESOLVED]

Hi all.

At the moment, our UE4 Answerhub site is experiencing intermittent failures due to issues currently being experienced by Amazon servers.

For the latest updates on the issue, please watch the status here: https://status.aws.amazon.com/


Does it affect downloads from marketplace? Because I currently can’t download Content Examples, Blueprints and many other things from Learn section. The launcher says queued when I click create project but it does not start downloading. It just stucks at queued and after a certain time it just drops.

I know it is affecting some of our Launcher services, so that is possible.

Yeah seems like the issue is now fixed. Thanks for quick response :wink:

I’m glad if your Marketplace download went through, but the latest from Amazon is that AWS is still experiencing failures and sites like the UE4 Answerhub are still affected.

This issue should now be resolved. The Answerhub site is back up.

hehe, as someone who normally has an inbox filled with AH-threads, I instantly thought my provider was down before considering it might have been AH that was down.