UE4 and upgrade to Windows 10/VS2015

Hello everyone,

i’ll intend to upgrade my system next week with the release of Windows 10. I assume that UE 4.8.2 is fully compatible with Windows 10 and while there is no support for DX12 yet i was wondering if have to reinstall Visual Studio 2013 or if can install Visual Studio 2015 already as it’s available via MSDN.

Try to remember theres a search function. I know, it seems easier to ask… :slight_smile:

This thread talks about some successful experiences with Windows 10 and UE4 -

My Nividia drivers did not work well with Window 10 so I rolled back to 7

Here is a link to drivers that work with Windows 10 (for me anyways):

NVIDIA and AMD already rolled out a new win 10 driver. It should be fine now. I had the same problem, but now its working fine.

I am going to give it a shot again.

I am good now thanks guys!

I have an issue with installing UE4 on Windows 10. It says EpicGamesLauncher has stopped working. Is there someone who knows how to fix this? As far as I know Windows 10 is not yet officially supported. Is that true?

Uninstall the launcher. Then reinstall it.
I had a problem and that fixed it for me. And I was using Win10 too.

Windows 10 is shockingly smooth for me. Fresh install, FWIW.

I have reinstalled it 2-3 times still doesn’t work. But I will try again later. Thank you!

Use CCleaner to clear the registry. Then Make sure that Win 10 is correctly installed.
I hope that helps! If not, go and post this on the answerhub.