UE4 and UDK system requirements question

I am looking at this laptop to buy:
AMD A-Series Quad-Core A6-1450 Processor - 1.0 GHz (2 MB Cache)
500 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
11.6-Inch Touchscreen Display, AMD Radeon HD 8250 graphics

Will this work with UDK and/or UE4 if I upgrade RAM?
I understand it may run/render slow, but will it work is the question.

The RAM isn’t the biggest problem, the graphics card is very low end as is the CPU. Not surprising considering it’s a $300 computer.

*technically the program should start, but after that you’re going to have a bad time

Anyone in a similar situation that can advise?

What darthviper said, unfortunately. It may run, but it won’t be a pleasing experience. You can check this thread for more reference;