UE4 and Remoting

I’m trying to work to work remotely on my home computer, but I’m having some trouble. The viewports take forever to refresh, and it insists of rendering every frame in super slow motion. In order to speed things up I resized the viewport to be much smaller, and I have Realtime off (with it, it’s worse than death). Unfortunately, BP components tab turns on Realtime by itself all the time, which is quite annoying.

Is there a better way to do this than mstsc?

Try Teamviewer, but I’m afraid that this problem will persist. It’s pretty common with games and application that need to redraw something too often. It would be the same with 3D modelling tools and maybe even Photoshop.

What software are you currently using to remote in? Some may be better than others, but like siq said, it’s a common problem. I’ve had some success in the past with TeamViewer on other software, but there are so many variables at work against it that it’s also hard to just say it’s all the programs fault :\

He said he’s using mstsc.

I’m using the Windows’ default RDP client. I’ll give TeamViewer a try, see if that works. I also read that it is possible to watch video over VNC (even if at a low framerate), so maybe that could work too. I’ll report what happens.

I’ve not had much experience with the default Windows client outside a LAN back when I was working helpdesk and even then it had it’s quirks. Hopefully TeamViewer gives you some decent results :slight_smile:

Oops, reading fail on my part. More sleep needed :\