UE4 and openFrameworks

Hi all,

I’m quite new to working with UE4 and so far have only experimented with the Blueprints scripting language and not at all with the source code, so please keep that in mind while I ask this question.

I’m coming from a lot of familiarity with using openFrameworks to manipulate photo and video, and programming GLSL shaders. I’m wondering what it would take to import the functionality I like from openFrameworks (helper functions, realtime video and photo processing) into UE4? I’d love to build my game in UE4, levels, worlds, characters, UI, cameras, etc, and then create my assets with oF. I know I could process images and video in oF and then export to UE4 via some kind of photogrammetry technique, but I’m wondering if I could write some kind of integration that handles the things I want to do with oF without leaving the engine? My dream would be to create a photogrammetry pipeline that allows me to import video assets into UE4, and then use all my favorite tools from oF to distort, manipulate and glitch these assets and place them into my game so that they react in realtime to gameplay, characters, triggers, etc.

I have the opportunity to pitch this as a school project. If I decide to go this route, I would be working in a very focused way under the guidance of skilled programmers to bring an oF integration like this into UE4. If I wanted to do something like this, how would I start? What would be the steps and requirements to complete something like this?

Any tips and links are very much appreciated!