Ue4 (and mw5 mod editor) keep freezing my pc

both load and preform their asset fetching tasks , but if i do anything, even scroll my mouse cursor, they will freeze, and any other programs using my GPU will start having major errors, windows itself will report the program as not responding and attempting to close task/end task results in the entire computer freezing (mouse cursor still moves) i need to preform a hard reset to fix it, no log output even gets created, computer was left idle for 48 hours in case it was just a hang occurring (attempted fixes were disabling tdr, verifying/updating all drivers, re downloading ue4, ensuring NVIDIA shadow-play/ in-game overlay/ battery boost were all disabled)
windows 10
I-7 9750H 2.6gHz
RTX2060 super
16GB dual channel ram
running on an ssd

Further research has led me to believe this is UE-72117 (listed as fixed in 4.25) the described symptoms of that issue are exactly what i am experiencing

the issue is gone when using a different monitor, i don’t understand how that’s a thing but it is