UE4 and Maya Instructor Wanted

Choice Group Inc. is currently seeking a charismatic instructor to teach our 3D game art program 2 days a week. The game art program is centered around a Maya and UE4 pipeline. There are approximately 30 students in the class as well as 30 workstations. Instructor will follow the curriculum laid out and design lesson plans to fit his or her teaching style. Instructor must be adept at organized and prepared instruction as well as be able to hold the attention of the students for the class period with a solid mixture of lecture and hands on activity. This is an all day class and part of the regular curriculum of the school district. Class is from 7am to 2pm twice per week. The pay rate is $15/hour. Please submit resume/cv to

You didn’t say which country; there’s people from all around the world in these forums.
I guess it’s not in USA, since their average pay/hour is quite bigger than that.

I’m sorry but that page with their is just kind of creepy and not at all appealing, kind of not surprised you’re looking for a new instructor but wow raise that payment, it’s so low.

It seems as if you are located in Los Angeles, California. If that’s the case, you will definitely need to offer something higher for payment, as costs of living are higher in California.