UE4 and Mac TattieBoggle Xbox 360 driver

Does anyone out there have a good solution for either supporting the TattieBogle Xbox 360 controller ( ) or for otherwise supporting XBox 360 controllers in Mac games? Even though it’s an unofficial driver, it’s a very commonly used driver - enough so that many Mac games ship with support for it.

The TattieBogle driver maps the axes and buttons differently than most programs seem to expect out of the box. The UE4 Editor, for example, uses the LT and RT axes for camera pan (normally controlled by right analog stick). It’d be nice if there was an easy way to support the XBox 360 controller on both Windows and PC versions of games made with UE4, but I’m not sure the best way to handle that. Load different input config files based on platform? Based on detected controller?

Hmm… after doing a little more research, I think the problem is that the code in the Mac version of HIDInputInterface.cpp looks specifically for the official XBox 360 controller or the Gamestop Xbox 360 controller using USB Vendor and Product ID. I’m going to look at creating a patch to support all of the devices currently supported by the Tattiebogle driver.

Okay, after a bit of research, I added support for a few dozen third party XBox 360 controllers to the engine’s Mac controller support. Intrepid people with access to the engine code should be able to get the updated code from this pull request:

I am having this same issue with the latest version of UE4 and the latest driver version. Is there a fix?