UE4 and crowdfunding question.

I read the faq and I do understand that the royalty applies to promises to backers of the game or game related things like DLC whatever. And the monetary value applied to that based on the amount pledged. So if $15 and you get a copy of the game then 5% of the $15 is paid.

My questions are:

  1. What if the game is not offered as a reward for backing. What if the rewards are mentions in the credits, a tshirt, action figure, plush doll . whatever (just examples), but the game, dlc, subscriptions etc arent given away for pledges. In this case does any of the crowd funding money still go to epic?

  2. What if the trailer and gameplay footage was all created in UE4 and advertised as a proof of concept or idea, but in the end the game was created in a different engine or a custom one. In this case, even if the game is given away as part of the backing pledge, it contains nothing of Unreals engine. Does it matter that the idea was presented using UE4?

  1. for the t-shirts,… you dont have to pay the 5% → but when they somehow get access to your game (ticket, keys,…) you will have to pay royalties :slight_smile:
  2. I think then you dont have to pay the 5%

"Non-interactive linear media, including movies, animated films and cartoons distributed as video. "

Darn. I was developing my game for a new t shirt-video game hybrid.