UE4 and Blender's facial bones rigify

Hello, I would like to know if UE4 is rigify compatible if I animate it proper. manuel bastioni is very good but the advanced rigging is too far away for my tastes so I was wondering if UE4 can handle an advanced skeleton 2with facial rigging and the like. Rigify is a plugin for Blender that has pose bones and deform bones I think it might even have roll bones as well. Anyhow, I’ve successfully made a mesh body for second life and used rigify to pose the fingers and stuff so I’m no stranger to making meta rigs and adjusting them in place, in fact, I am about half done with it but this thought occurred to me so I thought I would check with the wonderful people here. Thanks for reading an have a great day

Not sure about the face rig stuff sorry, not up to that yet. But I do have a tip for using rigify rigs in UE4.

Rigify has lots of bones and is problematic to use in UE4 but there is a little addon you can get called bake rigify: GitHub - felixSchl/bake-rigify: Strips rigify-styled rigs down to their deformation bones and bake

It will make a simple clean rig in blender based on an existing rigify rig and attach your character (and its animation) to it.

thanks a bunch ioflow studios, I would have been steaming after I got done and it would have given me grief :slight_smile: I’m surte the facial rig will work well too, unles the plugin ignores them. I’ll have to test it out before I go far, for I don’t want to dive deep, using the face rig only to find out that I can’t use it.