UE4 and BDO question

I’m playing this game called Black desert Online, and I’m wondering if that came could implement UE4 and change thier current engine (which is ****).
The problem with this game is low fps in crowded areas. When you go into the city, your fps will go from 60 to about 20. Regardelss of what CPU/GPU you have, and what game settings you use.
Do you think UE4, would be able to fix that problem and deliver stable 60fps in all scenarios?

How long would it take to “update” game with new engine like this? Are we talking few weeks/months/years?

That would not be possible–it would be like saying you want to switch all of the wood in a house to a different type, you would have to rebuild the whole thing, it would take as long as making the game in the first place. Also, it’s likely that they’ve designed their engine with the specific game requirements in mind so it’s not necessarily going to run better on another engine.

Yeah…no. Just up and porting over to another engine is a huge pain in the rear. Who knows what problems might arise if the devs were to undertake such a task.

Its likely that it would be much easier to optimize instead of porting to UE4. Even taking UDK projects to UE4 (UE3 -> UE4) requires a large amount of work. UE4 also doesn’t magically make things run better than any given engine “x”. If the devs didn’t know how to, say instance their meshes, then its possible that moving to UE4 and using UE4’s mesh instancing could help- but they’d get a similar benefit from just instancing meshes on their own (assuming that is the issue). If it were something like AI (no idea if this would be a potential issue with the game) then it might be that the problem lies within what they’re trying to do regardless of implementation.

All that is just guesswork.

Short answer is “No.”

CryEngine is good, developers is not rly good. To move game from CryEngine to UE4 devs need to build game from 0 - its not worth of time if u already have good engine.