UE4 and 3D Modeling

I’m new to all this, so forgive the lack of perspective and knowledge. Does the Unreal Engine 4 give you the ability to generate 3D models and animation, or do you have to design and import those from other sources such as Max and Maya?

Although, technically you can sort of do it in Unreal, you are better off doing them in the two programs you mention (or MODO or Blender).

meshes -> with BSP brushes, but they are mainly used to prototype your level, so they will be replaced with meshes. They are easy to use, but the performance is not so good + you are just abel to create basic shapes with them
animations -> double click on a skeletal mesh in your content browser - in “persona” you will see a record button - click on it - move the bones - save the animation. But it’s pretty limited and it’s easier to do it in a 3d program :slight_smile:

Thank you both for your swift replies! The price tag on those 3D modelers is the main reason I wanted to know. I’m serious about learning, but I’m also not making a digital animator’s salary yet, so its quite the pill to swallow. But clearly I must do SOMEthing about it. Thanks again!

Blender is free. It’s what most Indies use.

There is also Wings3d! It is so easy! (No rigging sadly. :frowning: I have to do that in blender.)

  • If you plan to stay an Indie there’s Blender (free) or Modo (budget) or Maya Lt (budget).

  • If you plan to go pro then learn Max or Maya. You can get a free 3-year student license for Maya by registering as a student and just pasting in a link to an institution. I studied Maya at an accredited college, but there doesn’t appear to be anything preventing you from getting a student license, apart from the thorny issue of scruples maybe. However, there is a warning with the student version that the resulting work shouldn’t be used commercially.

  • But what does that warning mean in practice? As a game designer not a modeler, this is the mother of all minefields! Because following FBX export, there’s no way to know if the assets you’re buying are legit. I wish AutoDesk would bring clarity and just watermark models from student versions. But on the flip side I know that no matter what, modelers can use cracked versions anyway!!! (+1 to the idea of Epic bringing out a 3D package sometime)

  • But whatever you do, pick one, learn it extremely well and stick with it. Don’t try and be clever and learn more than one and end up being mediocre at both…