UE4 & AI Development through Simulations

So I have a unique opportunity at hand. Which I am quite excited about. I could use the communities help though.
I have an audience with some engineers and software developers on how we can improve AI implementation in the company I work at.
The company I work at develops war ships for the U.S. Navy. I won’t say which company, or the kind of ships we develop.
My goal here is to eventually pitch the use of Unreal Studio and Datasmith for use in AI Simulations for testing and training.
Datasmith would be the perfect tool for converting CAD data. I can’t tell you how much energy is wasted on trying to manage large model assemblies across platforms. So much money and time has gone into that.

So first and foremost; if a company is using UE4 for military simulations & AI development, what kind of licensing would apply here?
This is the first thing they will want to know. How much $ it will cost.

What I’m hoping the community can help me with is brainstorming some ideas on why Unreal is suitable for AI & simulations.
Here are my thoughts so far:

  1. UE4 graphics pipeline is designed around efficiency which would allow for complex simulations without the use of advanced hardware. (compared to CAD models)
  2. UE4 is open source, allowing easy customization for physics specific to Naval Architecture.
  3. The use of “Physics Volumes” can allow for quick adjustments to the simulation environment.
  4. The ability to do Python Scripting, as a lot AI development is done using Python.
  5. Plug-In support can offer interoperability between miscellaneous applications and data sources.
  6. Epic Games is a US based company.

This is about all I have so far. At the end of the day, I do think that UE4 out of the box can be a powerful simulation tool, especially for AI testing and development.
Which is why I am advocating for it. But, I also want to use UE4 at work lol. So, that is certainly one of my motivations.

So, in what other ways might UE4 be optimized for AI and simulation development?

You’ll need to contact Epic about whether they will allow licensing for military training simulations, it might not be something they allow. Also, UE4 is not open source, the source is available under licensing terms.

Ah I see. I confused the terms I think. Anyway, sent a message out to Epic in the meantime. Thanks.