UE4 AI C++/Blueprint Tutorial Series for Beginners

Hey, what’s up!? So, I’ve finally started with a new tutorial series exploring UE4 AI with C++ and blueprints.
The tutorial is geared towards newcomers to the AI system in UE4.
It should also benefit those that just want a refresher of the system.

I’m gonna be using version 4.18 and eventually will move to 4.19 when it releases.

I plan to cover things gradually from basic usage such as bot movement and simple patrol bots to more advanced shooter bots.
In the process, I’ll be covering the AI framework, Behavior Trees, Blackboards and their sub-components and much more.

Below, I’ve linked the first tutorial of the series.
I’d be happy to know what you think of it.
I’d also love suggestions/requests from other developers if they have any!

Hopefully, this’ll help some people!