UE4 above 4.20 + crash/restart

Guys, I am having a terrible problem for a very long time and it seems after countless hours of searching on google I cannot find the solution.

My UE4 keeps restarting my PC every time I click Launch in the Launcher. I even tried starting through shortcut, but it does the same. This happened after 4.20 version (including 4.20.1 and 4.20.2). There is no problem when opening UE4 4.19.

I looked on google and found updating Microsoft visual studio, directx, visual c++, updating epic launcher and etc. I did all those things but the problem persists.

But the last time, a second before Windows restarted, I saw a window saying UE4 Prerequisites failed to load.

Someone had a similar problem and found a solution?

I’m having the same issue.