[UE4.9] Since iOS 9 testing is now free, how do I provision correctly?

Sideloading apps is now free and you can bypass the $99 fee from Apple legally. Is there any way UE4 exporting can support this new method of provisioning, or Windows as well?

Theoretically, on a Mac, you could just open the project in Xcode and build it there.
Practically I had no luck so far with this, a bunch of signing errors pop-up…

Update: I made it work!

After you open your game in Xcode, you will still need to get a signing ID and a Provisioning Profile. Go to Preferences → Accounts, log in and hit Create on “iOS Development” under Signing Identities.

Download both the ID and the Profile (or check where they are, since it may get downloaded automatically) and go back to UE4, go to Edit → Project Settings… and from them to Platforms → iOS.

There on the second box it says “Provisioning” if it doesn’t find them automatically, then go to each "Import " Button
and find them.

If all went well, the ID and Profile will turn green. Then click the little arrow next to the “Launch” button and select your device. Hit Launch and after a few seconds, voila! It’s on your iPhone!

After that you will still need to go to your iPhone’s Settings and “Trust” your Developer Account (Settings → General → Profile → Your Developer Email)

Obviously you will still need an Apple Developer account, but you don’t have to sign in for the Developer Program.

this is done from a Mac? or it can be do in this way also for Windows?

I only found out how to download and import the certificate but i cant find the provision pls help!

I’m trying this in Xcode9 beta and it seems like it’s not downloading the provision for the connected device.

Following I’ve been able to run a dumb ios app in my device from Xcode, matching the bundle/company/etc names of the project I’m trying to launch, and this process generated the proper provision for me.

After accepting the developer app certificate and accept trusting it from the device the dumb app installed properlly.

After that the UE4 project seems to be able to locate valid provision and certificate, they show green and all seems fine…

But when I try to launch it to the device, errors about provision and signing appears…

Any suggestion on troubleshooting this kind of issues?

Same here, I’d appreciate more indications about how to find or be able to download the provision file

Had the exact same problem, still did not work when selecting my ios device. ticking the “automatically manage signing” in the project settings did the trick for me.
But then the Verification fails when installing on device after 30%