UE4.9 error with Hud_forPhysicsDemo Crosshair gone : Possible problem with translucent Blend Mode

I started to use UE4.9 tonight, and the first thing I noticed when testing my game is that my crosshair went missing. I’m using M_Crosshair and the Hud_forPhysicsDemo for my HUD Class, since my game relies heavily on physics based gameplay.

In Testing it I Found that if I changed the BlendMode of my M_Crosshair material to Opaque, then I would get a crosshair, without an alpha channel, so for instance the texture would be a little black square with the crosshair icon in the middle where it should be. The original Blend Mode was Translucent.

So I made my own crosshair and this time made sure to make an alpha channel, saving it as a .png file. Not sure why but the alpha didn’t read correctly maybe I need to check the import, but I used the Red channel for the Opacity Mask and set my Blend Type to Masked. I get the result I want, a fixed crosshair of my own.

The problem doesn’t seem to be what channel I use for my Opacity Mask, but rather that the Translucent Blend Mode is not working in this case. I don’t know if this is something that is happening in other areas of the game, but it seems to be problematic here in this case, in the HUD.

Solution : Set Blend Mode to Masked.
Feed the Red channel (or another) into the Opacity Mask.


if it’s a regression issue, try reproduce it on a blank new project, and report it to