UE4.9.2 - movable lights show "opposite" colour only on galaxy S3

Dropping a point light into the map and setting it to be movable works fine in the editor and in mobile preview but once I launch the game on my android device (galaxy S3) the colors are different, ie red on the pc shows up as blue on my phone and vice versa.

Hi ,

I’ve loaded a simple test project with two point lights setup casting dynamic lights onto a floor mesh. I set one of the lights to be RED and left the other as the default WHITE. When I check this in the editor, Mobile Preview, and load it onto the device I’m not seeing any different in lighting here.

Can you provide any screenshots to show the light different from the device?

Also, can you setup a simple scene similar to mine (pictured below) that reproduces this? If so, can you attach that project here as well or provide exact repro steps to cause the issue.

Thank you!