UE4.7 crash by soundwave

I have a soundwave (file name: 0145-_Master_Island_Ambience_Low) that when right clicked on causes crashes in UE4.7. 1 Soundcue and 1 blueprint referencing the wave also cause a crash in the same way
A separate older CUE (name: 0145-_Master_Island_Ambience_Low_Cue) that used to reference the soundwave in question but was deleted sometime ago, still shows in the same directory but not in UE4s content browser. Is it possible this soundcue is causing the issue and why is it still in the directory if deleted from content browser?

I would like to find a solution that does not involve redoing the blueprint or soundcue. What do you suggest?

UE4.8 has allowed me to open and edit the soundcue and blueprint and delete the corrupt asset. Yipee. Not sure why but i’m sorted now.