UE4.7.6 Source Control conflict with Rapport (Windows 8.1)

There seems to be a conflict when checking out with plugin using Git whilst having Rapport Trusteer services (bank security software) running. screen crash occurs, error message relating to Rapport, and paging unpaged memory.

Works as expected when Rapport is turned off.

What kind of Source Control are you using? Perforce, Subversion, or Git?

Git, will update post.

Hi Archell,

There’s a known issue with Trusteer causing screen crashes when you have Driver Verifier running in windows: IBM Security Trusteer solutions | IBM

Are you running this?

Yes I presume this is cause

Are you running Driver Verifier? If so, can you try disabling it and running Rapport and checking out with Git?

I run Rapport, which should use driver. source control plugin works when Rapport is turned off.

We’re looking into engine to see if there’s anything that would cause Driver Verifier to run. What I’m is if you are running anything else that would cause it to run. Driver Verifier is a Windows tool, and I don’t believe Rapport is using it.

Oh sorry, I misinterpreted web page. I can’t locate Driver Verifier anywhere including my services.

So it appears we don’t run verifier in engine. Can you test this by using Git in some way outside engine to see if same screen event occurs? If it still happens outside of engine, it means this is an interaction between Git and security software you’re running, and there isn’t anything we can do on engine side.

If this only happens in engine, then it’s Git plugin causing it and we’ll need to investigate further.

There’s also another program called SafeCentral that causes issues. They suggest a workaround that weakens security but would probably prevent crashes:


It may be worth trying that workaround with Git.

Hi Archell,

We haven’t heard back from you in a bit, so I’m resolving this post for tracking purposes. If this is still causing a problem for you, please feel free to respond with information requested above and we can continue looking into it. Thanks!