UE4.6 : Always Error Message about a Hardisk ?

Hi there,

I downloaded UE4.6 , would seem to work very well but always then i opened Unreal Engine 4.6 , i get always erreur message :


Since Unreal Engine 4.2 First time i see a message like .

I click on the continue button 15x before UEditor.exe start
I am afraid that my Unreal Engine 4.6 is corrupted or something else ?

Thank you

I would try re-installing version 4.6, it is possible something didn’t install properly.

I hope that fixes it for you because whenever I got error messages like that in the past it meant my hard drive was failing, hopefully that isn’t the case for you. But try re-installing first and see if that helps. :slight_smile:

Please report at AnswerHub if the link i’ve given doesnt help you solve the. Closing thread now.