UE4.5 UMG Remove from Viewport wont work


So i’m making an inventory system using UMG, so when the tab key is pressed the inventory comes up on screen, when adding the viewport via tab key pressed > create widget > add to viewport the inventory hud is shown but if i try to do a branch with a boolean set/get or a flipflop to hide and show the the inventory the remove viewport node doesn’t work i’ve tried all sorts, so not sure if this is a bug or if i’m missing something.
I’ve attached an image below to show what i’m doing (the IsInventoryVisible default vaule is 0):

Hello wolfgang959,

I believe the issue that you are having is due to the “Create INV_Main_C Widget” is being called both with you add to viewport and when you try and remove it. If you simply bypass the “Create INV_Main_C Widget” during the removal process then you should be able to achieve your goal. Here is an example where I toggle my HUD on and off with the tab key.

I hope this helps.


Cheers, Thanks for this it works perfectly spent days trying to get this working as I have a few things that I want to work in this way but this solves a lot of my problems, thanks for your time.