UE4.5.1 Crashes on texture import on one machine

Editor is crashing on texture (tga,jpeg,psd) import. texture size is 1024. I am able to import geometry excluding materials and textures. It is happening only on one machine on other machines with similar specifications import works fine. Both the systems are same specifications.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi warrior25 -

Can you please reference the Machine ID that appeared in the Crash Reporter when the Engine crashed and insure that you submit your crash report? Also if you could go to the following folder location and upload a zipped copy of the subfolder created at the time of your crash:


Finally, is it possible for you to upgrade to version 4.7.4 and if so does the crash still occur?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Thanks for the reply Eric
I would need permission to submit files and to upgrade to 4.7.4. Once I have it I will submit the files.

Thanks & Regards