UE4.4 - Cannot add vault packs to projects

Hello, Please help me,

  1. I create a new blank project.
  2. I go to the Vault page on the launcher and select a pack by clicking “Add to project”
  3. I then get a white screen that has some projects other than the one I just created.
  4. So I click Show All projects, only to have more projects shown (Except for the one I just created is not listed ?)
  5. I try to add the path directly to the project in the text box, it say’s “No Projects Found”

There’s no browse button. (That seems dumb unless I’m not understanding something.)

Why is this so difficult, I can’t use the resources, because the launcher will not allow me to find the project I just created ?

Also, from the Launcher under My Projects No matter what I type into “Search Projects” Text box.

It say’s “No user projects found”
If I leave it blank, it lists some projects, but I have no Idea where it is getting its information from ?

How can I ever know what directory it is ever looking in ? I must have other areas at times that have projects
I do back them up, and I do have project areas for testing and production etc. etc.

Why is this not working correctly ? What am I doing wrong ?

Please advise,

Thank you for your support,

First you have to make sure you’re using the right version with the right pack. If you’re in 4.4 the 4.3 projects will be greyed out but you can still open older projects with newer versions of UE4 and create a copy of the project in the newer version if you need to. For some projects this takes forever though. Secondly, some of the packs require that you’re connected to the site/marketplace in order to install the pack. From there you can right click and then ‘migrate’ it to other projects. Aside from that check and make sure you ‘verify’ all your assets and projects.

to see a “just created” project, you have to close and open again the launcher.

Where do I set where default projects are created ? That may be my problem.

When I create a new project it is created in a directory that is different than
where the Launcher is loading the “My Projects” area. Which is located at C:\Users\ME\Documents\Unreal Projects\The_New_Project

New projects are not going to the C:\Users\ME\Documents\Unreal Projects\ folder.

You can choose the directory here :slight_smile:


Thanks, I got it.

Thank you very much for your help.