UE4 4.9.1 Color Picker doesn't have "Hex sRGB" option when built from GitHub source

I’m using Unreal Engine 4.9.1 from the GitHub source that I built using Visual Studio 2013. I did this so I could use the OpenGL ES 3.1 features in Android. However, the color picker in the Material Editor isn’t the same as the new color picker that’s a feature of 4.9. There’s no box for inputting the raw sRGB colors, just the linear RGB. The game I’m making has a precise color palette, and the colors are off when I put in the hex value from Photoshop, so I really need this feature. So why did building from source make it so it didn’t have this necessary feature, and is there any way to fix it?

Hi Bill Mess -

The sRGB Hex Value input was not integrated in time for 4.9, but you can add it to your project with the following commit from GitHub:


Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Oh, whoops. My bad. I saw this question when looking for a solution:

I’m new to the UE4 source code thing, and I didn’t know what a pull request meant. I just assumed that it meant it was a part of 4.9, and I just skimmed over the rest of the comments. I copied the pull request source code into my project and built it, and I have the correct color picker that I need now. Thanks for your help!