[UE4 4.8] Problem with collisions

Hi all!

I’m using the 4.8 release and i have a weird problem with collisions.

I have a pawn (the class is really BasePawn, inheriting from the Pawn one) starship with its collision preset set to Block all.

I want the starship to be confined in the play area, so i made an actor with 4 cube components to configure the play area walls.
Each one of the cube components has the collision preset set to Block all.

As far as i understand, the starship should be blocked by the walls, but it goes through them! :frowning:

What i’m doing wrong? :frowning:

See ya!


Can you give us a screenshot of the collision component details (which is on the right) for the spaceship and the cube components?


Yes, of course, these two are the collision settings for the starship (first) and the cube components (second):

And this one shows the play area (the boxes at top, bottom, left and right are the cube components of the PlayerBounds actor):

I have also checked that the starship mesh touches the boxes.

Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: .

See ya!

P.D: I have also tried setting the collision preset to Pawn for the starship mesh, same results :frowning: .

you need to check the bozes for generates hit events, or overlap. Depending on what you are using.

But, outside of the events, the block collision response doesn’t means that the mesh will block any mesh that tries to move through it?

Or maybe i misunderstood how collisions work… :S

See ya!