UE4 4.8 + Direct 12

Hello everyone!

I have a few questions!

I was thinking about upgrading to Windows 10 for access to Direct 12 (If it’s not available yet I do not know).

Can UE4 4.8 use Direct 12 yet? Is there anything I can look at to see the advantages?

Will the players of my games need Direct 12 in order to play my games?

Does your graphics card support DX12 ?
If not you should also buy one along with going for win 10 only for DX12.

Not sure about 4.8 but yes if DX12 is a requirement for your game then your players should also own a DX12 compatible card. Unless you kinda let them switch do DX11.

For those interested in “free” Windows 10 upgrade.

Yup it supports it. How can you go about allowing them to switch?

Haven’t done that in UE4 yet so I can’t tell you how. But it should be pretty easy.

Most DirectX 11 cards should support DirectX 12, but currently if you want a build of UE4 that has DX12 support you have to contact Microsoft. It’s not likely to be introduced in the 4.8 update