UE4 4.8 binaries for Linux

Given that it requires all of my RAM and like 2 hours to build, I was wondering if Epic plans to add a Linux option to the Win/Mac installer downloads? I hate working on Windows and I have no Mac.

Linux Launcher is in the plans, i heard it in stream. Because Linux don’t have unified installing method (or else you make one, which would be launcher) and UE4 can’t redistributed and not to mention Editor is not 100% ready, source is only way for now.

I see… bummer. I just thought it possible since Steam, Skype, Valve games, Starbound, etc are able to do it with an Ubuntu-centric distribution that works okay on other distributions.

Where can I get the source? All the links for github are down.

GitHub links should all be good - which are you checking out? Also, make sure you’ve got your GitHub account associated with your Epic acct (see here :slight_smile: )

Hey Schala Zeal, I don’t know if it is of any consolation, but I compiled UE4 on a Ubuntu machine and then was able to run it on my Fedora machine without any trouble. Maybe ask if anyone on the #UE4Linux in IRC has uploaded a compiled binary to megaupload or something. That being said I can see why epic would not want to directly support it.

Doesn’t a .run file work on all distros? I know I can use it on Mint, which normally uses .deb files.