ue4.4.3 and ue4.6.1 are crashing with applied substances


i have some substances (about 22) in my content browser loaded in ue.4.4.3.

after i applied them to my static meshes (in an resolution of 128, because they are far away),
ue4.3.3 crashes.

the same procedure in ue4.6.1.

i bought substance designer (indie) because i thought, things would be more easy
for an good performance…

or is this an wrong thinking?

an answer to my problems would be nice.


Hi loopon,

Does this crash on windows or mac, and is the crash in the editor or in a packaged build?

hi josh,

it crashes on windows7 professional 64bit.
the substances are build in 4k (diffuse,roughnes,normal) relative to parent, in ue shown as 128.

the crash is in the editor (ue4.3.3) and in a packed build (ue4.6.1).

my ue´s crashed a lot in the near past, so i tried to figure out where it came from… i now i guess :substances/plugin(??).
(before i applied substances to my scene, everything was ok…).

Okay loopon, thanks for that.

Would it be possible to email me your crash logs? My address is

For information on pulling up the crash logs:

hi josh,

you got mail(s).

Hi Loopon,

Thanks for the logs. I opened up the most recent 5 and all 5 had the same issue: OUTOFMEMORY loading D3D Texture. I see you’re running a 9800 GTX and UE4 reserved 698 MB for textures.

How many materials/textures are you loading in? 4k textures can be 16-64MB each depending on compression level. So if you had a material with diffuse/roughness/normal that could be 100MB for just that texture. I’m not sure how UE4 handles paging the textures out but if you just have too many textures in a room for the GPU it can cause a problem.

Are you loading the substances directly in UE4 or taking the generated png/tga output?

i import the sbsar into the content browser.

what do you mean:

  • should i break down my 4k-base-textures in lower quality?
  • or should i better go down with the texture size to maybe 1k?
    (i thought, this adjusting from an 4k-texture down to 128 / realtive to parent is one of the major strengths of substances?)

As long as the output textures are indeed 128 that should be fine. One of substances strengths` is indeed rescaling assets. How many sbsar’s are you loading in before you crash?

hi josh,

i loaded about 28 sbsar in 4k.
8 are shown as 2k, 20 as 128.

than it crashed.

if you resample the 2k textures down to 128, do you still crash?

my “main”-textures got now an size of 2k instead of 4k.

for the “far-away” -textures i atually made an size of 1k shown as 128.

i also pushed down the quality-settings of each texture to an mid-value.

now i got 9 from these 1k-textures (as sbsar) and nothing crashes by now…crossedfingers

Yea, it’s going to be tough with a 9800. I think that series is 7 years old now. Epic recommends a 470 GTX or better.

Hopefully you can upgrade your GPU soon, otherwise just keep the substances small so they fit in the video RAM.