UE4 4.25 Linux -- Ubuntu 20.04 ok. Fedora or Centos 8 complains about Vulkan


My department (at a university) supports CENTOS 8 for Linux. While I’m exploring to see if Windows may be an option, I was trying to make 4.25 run on Linux.

Ubuntu worked fine.

Fedora and Centos 8 did not. It complains about the Vulkan Drivers. I tried many things… Before exploring into another machine and more troubleshooting, I wanted to know if anyone here has successfully run 4.25 on a Linux distro other than UBUNTU? I know UE says they only support Ubuntu (latest version), which makes total sense.

I think I’m trying to make sure that it doesn’t work (without tons of work) on Fedora or Centos (specially CentOS) to make the argument for Ubuntu and/or Windows.

The error says that it requires Vulkan… Online there are options to run it with -opengl4 but 4.25 doesn’t seem to support it anymore. Any comments, tips, help, will be greatly appreciated.