UE4 4.22 Android: Sped up Audio, upsidedown camera and broken triggers after update

Hi there.

After upgrading my project to 4.22 from 4.21 I have noticed a slew of errors with my game.

  1. All audio is sped up with a higher pitch.
  2. Sequencer on finish events all execute immediately as soon as the level is loaded.
  3. camera is upside down in one of my levels

This is observed experienced on my Samsung S7 in both OpenES2 and OpenES3.1

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: I just downloaded and installed the Action RPG project and I can confirm the issues exist here. The pitch raise and speedup is not as severe, I have a hunch it is something to do with the framerate, as my project which is limited to 30fps has much higher pitch and speedup than the Action RPG project. however the Action RPG project is still being sped up and has a raised pitch.


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I have experienced the same audio issue, where audio is sped up on Android after using 4.22.

I believe the issue is related to the new audio system that is enabled by default in 4.22, as enabling the new audio system in earlier engine versions had the same effect of audio playing at a faster rate on Android.

Had the same issue with sped up and pitch shifted audio on Android device. Changing “Audio Mixer Sample Rate” from 44.1k to 48k solved this problem for me…

Can confirm this works

Same problem in Oculus Quest, this solution works to me too