Ue4 4.21 freezing on material compile "applying changes and use in world"

Ue4 has been freezing and running horribly all week, now i cant even compile a simple material with a constant plugged into base colour, and used on no meshes in scene. My PC just freezes, ive waited up to 4 hours, and it never catches back up. also having this issue with any general compiling, such as importing landscape

ive tried reinstalling the engine, deleting appdata, reinstalling launcher, reinstalling VS, rolling back GPU drivers, and still nothing. is there any way to clean wipe ue4 files? am i missing something? the engine is unusable and i need it for work, im unsure if i need to reinstall windows?

Ive solved this issue myself, there was a bad install of android sdk/android drivers. removing these drivers fixed my issue

guy, if this work, i love you, THAAANKS