UE4 4.1 Matinee feature request to render out separate buffer layers

Hi Epic Dudes,

In the next release you’ve added support for matinee to render out to .png, what would really be handy is giving us the ability to render out separate material layers in the same way (e.g I would like to render out the diffuse to one set of maps, Reflections to another, shadows to another, particles to another etc etc). This will give us the user the ability to use compositor tools to tweak cut scene’s and animation renders in a more controllable way the same you would do for feature film rendering. Generally im sure people understand that when doing high end rendering you don’t just render out the final image, you render to separate channels and combine in composite to have much higher control over final effect. This would be a superb addition to matinee output rendering. Cheers KB

This would be great to have, I’m in need of the same thing. Bump

Turns out you can do this, if you apply a blendable to the globalpostprocess and then create a new material that’s a post process, in the emissive channel assign a sceneTexture node to it and then when you render out of the matinee it respects that in the renders.
more info here.

It works fine if you want to output just one buffer. Is it possible to render all the buffer visualisation( e.g Opacity, AO, Color) at once…just like when you take high resolution screen shot, which captures all the buffer visualisation.
Kindly guide me in this as I’m in much need of it.