UE4 3d Visualization

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As you can see in attached image, i’m trying make 3d visualization scene by UE4 but i sudden with poor result, is this poor result reason is my VGA hardware, my VGA is AMD Radeon HD7570 is this enough to get big quality result, if not what are the best one VGA to get high quality result ? NVidia or AMD ?

EDIT: How can change pivot point position to make in center of object ?

You need to increase the lightmap res for every model in your scene. If you just imported them and built the lighting, you are probably using 32x32 lightmap size for those models…

Your VGA is not a problem in this case, I get this result with a radeon 6630m (in a notebook): Archviz Project - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

i’m trying using dynamic lights in UE4 so i don’t need baking lights or using lightmass, is this mean lightmap resolution not necessary ?

Here is some good reading that should help you with some more advanced lighting:

You will get much better visual effects with baked lightmaps, especially if you are making a static scene - then you really shouldn’t need dynamic lighting.
To get higher quality shadows change the lightmap resolutions depending on the type of the object:

  • For BSP brushes smaller number = better quality
  • For static meshes higher number = better quality

You might also want to give the SkyLight a try and play with the parameters.
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If you are using dynamic lighting, the lightmap res doesn’t matter. But keep in mind that Light Propagation is still a beta feature, you won’t get good results with it yet…

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How can change pivot point position to make in the center of object ? when editing in 3ds max the pivot in the center of the object, but after exporting the object as FBX the pivot position changes !!!

Make sure the pivot is in origin in max (0,0,0) If you still have problems, delete the mesh from your computer and export again.

Sorry, problem still live !!

It doesn’t matter the position of the pivot point inside the 3DS, it will always be reset to the 0,0,0 of the world for every single mesh you export. So, if you need an object to have a centralized pivot point, you must put this object in the center of the 3DS world.

So the steps are:

  • Inside 3DS, align the pivot point to the center of the object or somewhere else you’d like it to be;
  • Align the object itself to the center of the 3DS world. It means the pivot point will be at 0,0,0
  • Export it

Pivot Problem. Center you objet with the grid on 3dsmax. You can also pick your object in the unreal engine, pick the move tool and select the buble thing in the center of your move tool with ecnter mouse button…it will move the pivot!!