UE4 3D set entension question.

hey guys

ok in blender and/or after effects and element 3d, i can import green screen footage into a 3d environment, key out the green then i can have live action inside my 3d set.

is this possible in UE4 please? maybe image plate? is there any info or tutorials on how to do so as searched youtube and nothing.
this shouldn’t be difficult just cant figure out how to achieve it in UE4.

thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Anyone any ideas please?

Surely someone from Epic or has experience with UE4 must know if this is possible please?

Hey, take a look at this

It may help you

Thanks you. Will check that out. I did see it when I searched for info but seemed overly complicated for what it was. Wondered if there were any add ons out there that do something similar.