UE4.3 physics problems

hi all,

Ever since i upgraded to UE4.3 my physics seem to be acting differently. I am working on a physics based game, I can walk around and pick up, or push objects. I can push them with the player body as well.

The goal is to have things I can use in game, stack up, or use to solve problems and up until now I was able to do this. Now however when I pick up an object to place it, and then try to step on it, I walk through it. Before I pick it up, the colliders work just fine, but it’s like they disappear after I pick or push them.

does anyone have any insights into what has happened. I will be going back to the sample physics games to test what is happening there and what might be different in my playerCharacter.

I’ve tested this again in the ContentExamples/Physics sampler stuff.

I scale up the cubes that work with physics, and then I walk into them. They move, shoved by my collider. However, when I pick them up, and then drop them, they no longer work.

contentExamples4.3 is not out yet, but this is in 4.2

could this be a bug?