UE4.3 : Compiler Driver crashed when build with Visual Studio 2012


I had no problem build all the previous version UE4 ( up to 4.2.1 ) using Visual Studio 2012 …

In the past two days, I had downloaded UE4.3 version, and I never able to build the engine with Visual Studio 2012 anymore…

The build actually crashed “Microsoft C/C++ Compiler Driver” and I believe it happened when it comes to
23> PCH.UnrealEd.UnrealEd.h.cpp
23> PCH.Engine.EnginePrivate.h.cpp

Since the crashed of the Compiler Driver, it means the whole build will never completed with the error:

UBT error : Failed to produce item: UE4Editor-UnrealEd.lib

I had tried it with two different machines (Visual Studio 2012) and the same crash happened…

Any advise would be much appreciated…

PS: Just for information, I have no issue of building UE4.3 on Visual Studio 2013 … but I do need the UE4.3 to be build with Visual Studio 2012 because our academic institute does not want to support VS2013… :frowning: